What’s goin’ on, y’all! Hope the read is worth it for you…

…I’m Elizabeth Marks from Midwest City, OK (go Bombers!), presently residing in the good ole Austin, Texas since 2014.

There are a few things in life I’m seriously passionate about and one of them just so happens to be HAIR!…it didn’t all begin with #Sisterlocks™, however…

…From the age of 12 until graduation from college, I worked at a local hair salon gettin’ my hustle on for the tip money. Initially, my duties consisted of sweeping puffs of kinky hair from the floor for the stylists, wiping mirrors, cleaning relaxer/Amrpo black gel/and matted hair from combs and brushes before giving them a dip in blue-Barbicide-filled glass jar, and keeping clean shampoo towels on the ready. I mean I was BALL-in’ with my little $40+/- a weekend in Jr. High! Hot Cheetos and KitKats on me, ya’ll! #ChildObesity

Around 13 or 14, the stylists noticed that I had a love for messing around with hair and mimicking their skillful client care on my mannequin-head friend, Jenny. Sooooo, they put me to the test and that’s how my love deepened (and my tips got bigger – #GasMoney).

Jr. High, High School and slowing down in college, my weekends (and some days after school) were spent learning and assisting with relaxer touch-ups, shampoos/foam wraps, color mixing, braiding for sew-ins, roller sets and blow drys on fluffy-headed natural rarities; all to the buzz of “Computer Love” and “Juicy Fruit” over the sound system. If/when I messed up, I was taught how and why to correct and instructed to redo immediately. They grew me up in many ways. #MyVillage

Fast forward… #BigChopped 2011 right before senior year of college – Got tired of detangling and had my Sisterlocks™ established 2013 – Completed Certification Training 2015…

…”What’s another of your passions, Elizabeth?” – I’m glad you asked.

Intentional Contagious Love.

I believe that the light we all possess can be shared with and ignited within others by a multitude of avenues. My business #LokLovin is a decision to Lok down some positivity in other’s lives by whippin’ that Do and offering the best therapy chair in town (therapy going both ways!).

Becoming a Sisterlocks™ Consultant has granted me the pleasure combining my burning coals for Hair and Intentional Contagious Love into a business that reaches to uplift the #Culture by walking the #NatrualHairJourney with you and instilling the energy that keeps the chin off the chest.

Whether male or female, young or seasoned,  lok’d or loose…LokLovin’s gotten plenty of lovin’ for it all…Enjoy.


Eph 4.2-3